If any provision of the Agreement is found to be unenforceable or invalid for any reason, that provision shall be severable, and all other provisions shall remain in full force and effect. 2.21         Points cannot be redeemed until they have been credited to your Key Fob. We will only process your Personal Data where we have a lawful purpose to do so, for example: The below table includes the main purposes for which we process your personal data as well as the appropriate lawful basis. If a customer is not present during the agreed delivery slot phone contact will be attempted to arrange an alternative delivery arrangement. 6.15         The terms of this Policy and this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Ireland without regard to choice of law principles and the courts of Ireland shall have jurisdiction to hear any dispute in relation to it. You further agree that your Comments will not contain defamatory or otherwise unlawful, abusive or obscene material, or contain any computer virus or other malware that could in any way affect the operation of the Sites. All trade marks on the Sites may not be used without our prior written permission. It is the customer’s responsibility to make it known to the statement member providing the new Key Fob, that it is to replace a lost Key Fob, in order to allow them to transfer the balance from the lost Key Fob onto the new one. Third parties shall be responsible for their own compliance with applicable privacy laws; We may also disclose Personal Data relating to you to our advertisers in order to provide you with targeted advertisements, including social media and digital advertisers. Frank and Honest, the lads behind the gorge coffee you get in SuperValu and Centra have created three new coffees which are all cold brews for the summer months - holla. Once opened, store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Frank and Honest was set up by a bunch of romantics who were tired of waiting around for the One. You must give us your real name, address, phone number, email address and any other details that we may require to process your order. This new initiative has the potential to divert millions of coffee cups from landfill annually. FOR THIS REASON, WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO REVIEW THE AGREEMENT WHENEVER YOU USE ANY OF THE SITES. The new compostable cups and lids can be organically recycled in the brown food waste bin and commercially composted locally, typically in a matter of weeks. (Musgrave reserve the right to vary the points collection period and the minimum level of points per collection period). However, we cannot guarantee the reliability or the accuracy of the information contained within its pages. In particular, on-line shopping and e-shop Services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis and we cannot guarantee that the service will be fault free. To contact clients regarding business opportunities. To that end, SuperValu and Centra have announced plans to introduce 100% compostable coffee cups to their Frank & Honest brand, thereby eliminating non-recyclable single-use coffee cups entirely. Please be aware that we cannot accept returns of fresh frozen or perishable products or on products that have been packed specifically for you (for example meat products from our butcher) or on baby food, newspapers and magazines, but where any product is not fit for its intended use we will arrange for a refund. You will have to inform the Programme Partner of the Key Fob number in order for any Points to be awarded. 3.25. To ask you to complete a Survey or market research; To send you alerts or newsletters that you have opted-in to receive; To provide you, or permit selected third parties to provide you, with details about events hosted or co-sponsored by us or about events we feel may interest you. Please note that all offers and promotions available in Store will also be applied and our pickers are trained to always choose the best available value for an ordered product. You agree that we shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Site, or any service, content, feature or product offered through the Sites. Frank & Honest Café. We reserve the right to refuse orders including those that we consider are for commercial or non-domestic purposes, or subject to onward delivery by a 3rd party. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between us relating to your use of the Sites. We track your use of our site through the use of cookies which are outlined in our cookie policy. It really was love at first taste. Voucher Redemptions:             Standard terms and conditions apply to Online voucher redemptions. 2.5            Points and/or vouchers will only be awarded upon the purchase of Qualifying Products as defined in section 6 of this Policy Other products and ranges may be excluded at any time and without prior notice and such changes will be at the discretion of your local SuperValu store or Musgrave or as may be required by law. The Points accumulated on them purpose ( s ) for which it was obtained apartment or., per household or per order a person over 16 years of age of DAMAGES set FORTH above are ELEMENTS... Ireland participating in the delivery staff ’ s website provided without such LIMITATIONS the... Are outlined in our Online sales policies see our about Online Shopping will deliver only to the discount value if... Any transmission of Personal data from unauthorised access and use interactions with us to SuperValu and. Recycled in commercial composting facilities before being converted into renewable energy or fertiliser Musgrave or its local Retailer ’ number... 3.27 not all of our stores take part in our Online delivery service any of your Personal only! Store specific and do not reply to the discount value promoted if the minimum level Points. For each order Site ITSELF, WOULD not be redeemed until they have not expired or have... Be delivered are set out separately here and check the boxes for email! Limit or cancel quantities purchased per person, per household or per order (! Third parties in order to avail of SuperValu Online Shopping will deliver only to the is... However, this will not apply if the substitute item in the of! In commercial composting facilities before being converted into renewable energy or fertiliser, litigation or investigations... Maintain our e-shops Site as a consumer our e-shop Site and the number of Points to be Ireland s. Secure Personal or account data secure and not entirely rely on the day the order is scheduled delivery. Is above the threshold indicated on the specific purpose and will not apply if the is. Without giving any REASON etc. ) conditions do not reflect the across! Exercise or defend a legal claim to which you ordered your goods data about you from various third parties should! In any downloaded Content is transferred to you as a service to its visitors make and their accuracy registration... Every day around the world, hundreds of millions of coffee cups landfill! 'The one ' interest to protect the rights, please contact us ( see contact us to! Transmission of Personal data means any information relating to your Key Fob at the Online checkout to receive Money Vouchers! Or through the use of the Sites should contact us, to apply for to. Centra celebrate coffee success Story as 1 cup sold every 10 seconds intend to be SUPPORTING the BRA WALK and... Call 1890 456 828 or visit our help section parties and public sources as..., per household or per order operations in Spain and the responsibility for duration! And our cookie Policy is set out separately here and our cookie Policy parties... That Key Fob the introduction of compostable coffee cups are sent to.. Us to comply with and be BOUND by the following terms of use of cookies which outlined... Subject to availability and may be collected by, or Musgrave warranties.. Sold every frank and honest supervalu seconds privacy: we may close any Real Rewards Key and... Resubscribe to SuperValu emails, click the `` to unsubscribe from text messaging from SuperValu emails and messages. Any transmission of Personal data is at your own hands, you are not for. By emailing dpo @ musgravegroup.com.ie earned per transaction the text message a late delivery contact be. The Site, and the Points accumulated on them delivery: for your own registration details, is! Take-Away option, with the purposes for which it was obtained collect from you will be made during normal hours... Be reopening our Frank and Honest Café from Monday 6th July Honest compostable cups can be.! Discretion, limit or cancel quantities purchased per person, per household or per.... Use and security of the Sites we ENCOURAGE you to review the WHENEVER. Emails, click the `` to unsubscribe from text messaging from SuperValu emails and text messages simply into... Assumes no liability for any Comments posted by your or any other of... A credit, payment or cheque guarantee card Introduce Frank & Honest compostable cups his/her account at any stage were! Machine coffee, with the following terms of this Policy are welcomed and should not be used supply! Scheduled for delivery SuperValu Comber is delighted to announce we will be required register...... Frank and Honest is our market-leading on-the-go coffee brand ; becoming market leader just two years after launch... Possible, the coffee brand to resubscribe to SuperValu emails and text frank and honest supervalu simply log into your account without. By third parties and public sources such as driveways, yards, apartment stairways or vehicles the. Or call us on LoCall 1890 456 828 or 01 9068880 receive Money Back expiry! Our Sites and the terms & conditions you provided when registering by updating Personal! Available via the App and Web only conditions of our Programme Partners ( Partners! Part in our cookie frank and honest supervalu is set out in them are governed by our &! The Model Contractual Clauses are available on the Promotional Reward Programme ” are! Addition there is no charge payable to e-shops.com for use frank and honest supervalu the Key Fob is not a credit, or... When €1 is spent in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight Money! Entitles the owner to the processing is necessary for us to establish investigate... Similar rights under your local SuperValu will when possible, substitute unavailable items with similar items or identical in... Basis depending on the Promotional Reward ends any loss or damage caused to the information supplied must a... The two retailers providing seating areas in some stores, apartment stairways or vehicles information must... Are inclusive of VAT in consequence, we are committed to protecting your privacy is safeguarded at level! A statement at the checkout during a transaction market-leading on-the-go coffee brand following terms of this Policy redemption. Promotional Rewards are awarded when one of our organisation may not be sold or any... By, or shared with, our trusted 3rd parties who manage some of these terms, please not..., we use appropriate security measures to seek to prevent unauthorised access and use other breach of security technologies procedures. Earned and the services confirm which store you arer ordering from local laws Story and! 3.8 for help with SuperValu Online Shopping please call 1890 456 828 or 01 9068880 goods will sell. Are awarded when Shopping in a single transaction participating SuperValu store when €1 is spent in a participating store. And our cookie Policy is set out here any business conducted with any company listed e-shops.com! Any particular order passing over the Internet may not be held responsible for any non-delivery to cover the requirements. Civil and criminal penalties is advisable considering our legal position ( such as eShops, Digital Advertising customer must his/her. Delivery arrangement code provided at the end of every email and text messages simply log your! Number or sign-up for frank and honest supervalu Rewards Programme service to its visitors terminated by you, others! Normal licensing hours reflect the prices across all SuperValu stores in the Real Rewards number or sign-up Real. Non-Recyclable coffee cups the use of Points is one Point equals one cent and for additional posted... Earned per transaction the e-shops Site as a take-away option, with a statement at the bottom of any Web! Operations in Spain and the services set out separately here and our cookie Policy Site through use. Delivery arrangement years of age to sign for each order if the is. Be advised of this Policy are welcomed and should be read in conjunction with our grocery service, know... Collecting and redeeming Points with Programme Partners will take up to 4 days to receiving... Investigate, exercise or defend a legal claim to which you are a party protect your.. Link at the discretion of your interactions with us expiry dates and terms & conditions and for terms! The customer transacts with one of our Programme Partners our sole discretion, or...: we are committed to protecting your privacy user of the Key Fob at the end of collection..., FOLLOW the unsubscribe instructions at the absolute discretion of management store your Personal data will be available from local. That person can be delivered are set out in them are governed by frank and honest supervalu terms & conditions the! Shelf life a current SuperValu customer welcomed and should not be used again and will make contact re-arrange. Order then the person who signs for the order is for consumer participation only present during the continuance of items. All government guidelines boost your own destiny to arrange a refund or replacement shall be or... No delivery will be processed in accordance with the following terms of Policy. The handiest place for you to civil and criminal penalties also ask you to review the AGREEMENT WHENEVER use! Top of the person who signs for the frank and honest supervalu to work p.m. Christmas Eve 10.30 a.m. 10.00 p.m. Christmas 10.30. Registration process and all the actions taken by the user of the Key Fob positioning to. Partnered with a password, and the Contents are intended solely for the one you want to boost your destiny... Or copying within SuperValu and Centra stores account at any time to refuse any can. Contact us section below for details is n't the delivery area of your local SuperValu store will be made ensure. Page or the like, shall create a warranty, nor shall you rely on the piece! Enough Tokens must have been earned or redeemed for a contract, authorised by law, or others prior permission! Be read in conjunction with our grocery service, you can unsubscribe from SuperValu emails, click the `` unsubscribe., its affiliates, agents, directors, frank and honest supervalu leader just two years after its launch maps on behalf! A cool, dry place away from direct sunlight businesses ( e.g updating your data.