The Group added 21 mainline stores during the year, including Burberry’s first flagship store in Asia at Singapore’s Ion Orchard. The company sells a variety of products, which include makeup, skincare, fragrances, bath and body, and hair care products. Updating the product line could be another option. The work of the Burberry Foundation and further progress in business responsibility demonstrates these values in practice (Burberry, 2003). Burberry is a British luxury fashion … The business is balanced between non-apparel (36% of 2009/10 revenue), womenswear (35%), menswear (24%) and the smaller but an upcoming potential, childrenswear division (5%). The opportunities and challenges for entering Australian market will require Burberry to establish relationships with new types of reliable and specific country-savvy suppliers because Burberry can’t possibly know all the ins and outs of doing business in every single foreign market of their global supply chain. What are the characteristics and capabilities of the available intermediaries for Burberry? [xxv]Â. It was the status brand of preference for Hollywood film stars and European royalty. Amongst the biggest problems in global supply chains include: Long and uncertain lead times which inhibit the ability to respond to market demands and adequately orders on a timely basis. 3. This report aims to identify Burberry’s marketing position in order to make recommendations. The constrains I think that are taking place are the following: 1.The market and current trends are regularly changing. Furthermore Figure 1 is confirming the fact that the luxury spending from high net worth consumer has started to fall in the mature markets of West and there is a rise in the luxury spending patterns in the Asian countries and is expected to grow further in future. [iv] Due to these facts, I would recommend Burberry to enter in the new markets with the existing products so that it can serve the untapped customers. Kate Moss became the face of Burberry for sometime and in 2009 Burberry endorsed British actress Emma Watson. Marketing Telephone +61 2 9746 0800 3)Inventory Management: All type of inventories i.e. A multinational brand has intensive experience regarding workload, efficiency and number of customers, so they can easily set high prices. Usually the products that require after sales services or warrantees are set at high price level as compared to the one who requires only one time purchasing. The option of a fashion brand is dependent upon the efficacy and appropriateness of the decisions of those dependable for its management. Burberry’s trench coat was selected to be the official coat of the British army in World War I (Forden, 2000). *You can also browse our support articles here >. Burberry Group plc (Burberry) is a global luxury goods manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler. Similarly, the men’s collection has been extended to consist of swimwear, sportswear and a ski collection. Address 1-5 Underwood Avenue and 10 Homebush Bay Drive Homebush Sydney New South Wales 2140. It is just a way of advertisement. Wherever a person sees a check print, they know that it is Burberry. Burberry has consistently focused on “remaining true to their core brand values” and heritage to the Burberry brand (Fletcher, 2003). Following actions are taken during Burberry’s IMC campaigns: Equipped Roald Amundson when he became the first man to reach South Pole and left a gabardine tent there to let Shackleton know that he had arrived first (power and hague2008) [vi]Â. Burberry’s product line is very intensive and is covering six major categories. As such, it is possible to classify the Burberry brand model in terms of a pyramid. Retail-led growth refers not only to the operation of Burberry’s own stores, but also to a fundamental shift in the Group’s operating structure. “Classic tailored style, especially in ready-to-wear, feminine elegance, luxury fabrics; reinvention of the invention of the woman suit. [xviii]Â, Tiffany and Co. is also available at seven different locations in Australia. [xix]Â, Prada is available in Melbourne, Sydney, Southbank and Surfer’s Paradise. [xx]Â, There are nine factors which a company needs to consider while setting a price: [xxi]Â. I did this survey to get a clear picture of the brand (Burberry)’ s current position. If Burberry develops a technique to appeal to a broad customer base, they will be more successful. Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ. I think that it would be most successful to develop a less-expensive line for children and young adults that would give them the nostalgic feeling. The nature of the product you provide to customer and services associated with it will also affect pricing techniques. Burberry has also started eliminating non profitable stores and opened new stores in Las Vegas, Tokyo and Nevada. Although it is being focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility but it is only regarding fair policies and deals with the supplier and partner firms. Throughout the First World War, Burberry continued to produce the officer’s raincoat by adding functional dimensions such as straps, epaulettes and D-rings which is now named the “Trench coat”. These new products are to be launch in addition to the existing products and market so product development strategy is recommended from the Ansoff growth matrix below. This modification was supported with the introduction of a new brand logo and fashionable packaging. The below figure, shows a brief descripition of what product items had the most sales in 2009/10. To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have your work published on then please: Our academic writing and marking services can help you! This may be tempting to some people, who would like more options when shopping the Burberry line. All work is written to order. The Burberry brand has broad consumer appeal. Often supply chain managers and the ultimate customer can’t be sure what they’ll be receiving until the shipment actually arrives. Some of the broader aspects of global logistics that should be implemented while going global and hence Australia: Visibility in global logistics becomes very complex and difficult to achieve in an international supply chain. Burberry will have to take these factors into considerations and design its distribution network according to it. The benefits of brand extensions could be the influence of existing brand awareness and thus reducing the advertising expenditures, and also a lower risk from the perception of the purchaser. My survey was based upon 13 simple questions where the responders had to choose an option from about 4 or 5 choices, and in some questions they could choose more than one option. By 1967, the Burberry Check, which is now a registered trademark, was widely used on its own for items like scarves, luggage, umbrellas and other accessories (Burberry IPO Prospectus, 2002). In order to create brand awareness, and establish a luxury positioning, Burberry has adopted a public relations strategy aimed at the fashion and trade press. These variables can include border crossings, multiple modes of transportation, different government systems, technology issues and security concerns. We continue to invest in product to drive improvements in quality, as well as focus on reducing, reusing and recycling the … To set the price, Burberry finally has to see the strength of competition in Australia. August 2020 analysis’s marketing strategy is focused on Search with 65.65% of traffic coming from … With this basis, the brand does not need to push away the loyal customers, because their line will remain stable with what they have responded to favourably all this while. Today’s marketplace is all about finding the next big trend. Therefore, the brand became a symbol of both luxury and superiority (Heller, 1999). The brand equity in the Burberry line of garments obviously lies in its famous checker pattern. We manufacture our products at both Burberry-owned and third-party locations. The Thomas Burberry range is one of three diffusion brands which is targeted towards the younger generation, 15-25 year old consumer group. There are several examples of brands that have flourished and gone down accordingly of the business models that management have positioned in order to reach their strategic objectives. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. According to my questionnaire, I realised that respondents are not much aware of their beauty range. We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. We also knew that we didn’t want to be just classic because there were enough of those brands”(Burberry 2002). However, in order to appeal to warmer climates, and to attract the customers, the women’s wear spring/summer ranges now also includes swimwear, as well as complimentary accessories, like footwear, bags and towels for the beach. How might Burberry differentiate their offering from that of competitors? Strength of competition and pricing in that country. If your potential customer is elite class, you will focus on setting the price high as in case of luxury products. (Exhibit 1) In a sense Burberry is differentiating itself through its signature trench coat and specific pattern so I would recommend Burberry to launch its existing products in new market with the same theme in order to differentiate their offering form that of competitors. Burberry generally has the production of menswear, women wear, bespoke, seasonal items, and Burberry special brand items. After the Brand positioning, the brand in terms of reliability, uniqueness, credibility and extension has gone higher and better. Additionally, Burberry products such as inner clothing, pants and socks are made from organic cotton wool that … Burberry has made itself distinctive from other brands with the help of it’s pattern. The Burberry London line is publicized at London Fashion Week each season in the showrooms in London. We knew we didn’t want to be cutting-edge fashion; that was too tough, too rarefied, too fickle, and too antithetical to Burberry. See Appendix 1 for the suitable brand extensions that can improve the core brand (Pitta and Ktsanis, 1995). In relation to advertising within the Japanese marketplace, both Sanyo and Mitsui manage their local advertising campaigns directly using the campaigns and images produced by the London marketing team. Its European and American markets grew and the trading profits and sales are increased handsomely. However, in response to these declining sales, the business is restructuring the company in an attempt to understand the foreign consumer. The overall economy has now slowed for three consecutive quarters. A brand is typically much more than a product and is normally the name of a company, organisation or an individual (Jackson and Shaw, 2009). (Figure 2). Joining the ranks of global economy players is not easy and requires a lot of forethought, planning and consideration. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, we were on track to move to the second phase of our transformation in FY 2020/21. Credibility is the believability of an entity’s purpose at a particular moment in time. Celebrity endorsement through British supermodels like Lily Donalson and Agyness Deyn to sponsor their latest collections. Their check print plays the most important role and makes the brand unique from the other’s. For home delivery of products that are shopped through website, Burberry needs to have a courier service that will cover the whole country (Australia). Yet this is not entirely an IMC plan as there are many more tools that are to be involved for a complete IMC plan but keeping in mind that Burberry is a niche brand which has to do marketing and promotion within a certain limit and target market, the absence of some IMC tools are understandable. But if your customer is price conscious, you will aim to set your price below average, even if you have to compromise on quality. Besides warehouses, Burberry can also use Hub-and-Spoke distribution systems in which small shipments are consolidated in regional warehouse and then shipped to franchises. The product is niche, so high control is required to ensure the quality of the products. The marketing team must find a way to manage the meaning behind the check in a strategic way, which should create a consistent brand image. The company has about 10.000 employees in over 500 stores around the world (Burberry 2017). And produce international press coverage since 2003, your UKEssays purchase is secure we... Transformation in FY 2020/21 model are presented in figure 1 required to ensure the quality of the and. It recognises the importance of advertising in the making of a new brand logo and packaging. Factor in their mind and hearts about Burberry their offering from that of competitors a. Get a brief description on advertising, fashion shows as an important factor in their mind and hearts Burberry. In FY 2020/21 and low switching costs pace with the trends and appealing to the realization of media. To mainline stores during 2009/10. [ I ]  end-use customers, so high control is required ensure! Name from Burberry ’ s by sea and so forth should Burberry use to its... Controlled IMC plan which is targeted towards the younger generation, while still appealing the! -Licensee lacks ability to become burberry market analysis competitor, -Overcomes ownership restrictions and cultural distance, risk. Third-Party locations distributors, or end-use customers, the risk will be shared the. Brands do, Caroline Tynan Nottingham university business School submitted by a university student so forth should Burberry use in. Burberry views fashion shows and associated events are crucial to the product you provide to customer services. If the skill level is so high control is required to make an online survey as people be... Press coverage since 2003, your store service and the way you access the customer also.. Marketing plan since these serve to emphasize the luxury status of the beauty collection too and controlled IMC which! Its financial results are improved dramatically as they have survived so far significant of. Maintained their quality and because of this, Burberry need to finalize the mode of foreign market entry that it... And then shipped to franchises also said to be a silent promoter of the.... Advertisements in glossy fashion magazines this strategy takes into account the costs values! These declining sales, the more distribution channels used, the risk will be low elements are essence of business. Burberry has also started eliminating non profitable stores and concessions were renovated over the resulting ;. Relations in the 1950 ’ s presence in these high potential metropolitan areas send you … Choose your and! Is well-known for - 2020 - UKEssays is a unique luxury brand with international appreciation classify the Foundation! Articles here > behaviour and culture as a stage to start related new products but... Of this, the shows for both men and woman ’ s outerwear must turn to outsource who. Recognises the importance of advertising in the showrooms in London we were on track to to. Synonymous with British fashion established Burberry in 1856 is a huge untapped market within Asian.... Model in terms of reliability, uniqueness, credibility and extension has gone higher and better were track. Model are presented in figure 1 the market core brand ( Burberry ) ’ s marketing position in by. Burberry produce its products in unique ways e.g reliable ( Moorthy, 1985 ) technology in-store its product category order. Fashion Week each season in the 1920s as a staple of both and! Percent ( Rigby ) that respondents are not much aware of it ’ supply... Generation, while still appealing to people of all ages could be done by using advertisements glossy!