A sturdy and reliable foundation is key to getting the best long-term performance out of your shed and Lifetimes Metal Shed Foundation Kit is the perfect alternative to pouring a cement pad. Spread the gravel at a thickness of 4-6 inches. Available in either single packs, or as kits. This item SHED BASE SYSTEM- QUICK JACK FOR SOFT SURFACES- SUITABLE FOR; 6ft x 4ft -AND- 6ft x 3ft SHED BASES. When a shed settles, it can cause the doors to come out of alignment. It’s easy for the beginner to put together. The content on this website is owned by us and our licensors. Another potential problem caused by a block foundation is doors that don’t open and close properly. 3/4″ inch crushed stone is a common gravel size used for a shed base. Free delivery for many products! Please visit our Privacy Policy page for more information about cookies and how we use them. Provides a solid, level foundation for hundreds of applications including Sheds and Garden Buildings. Let’s see how easy it is to install. Oops, there was an error sending your message. Layout your spikes in the manner dictated by the Quickjack kit. 100mm, 200mm, 300mm Extension Leg Kits: These Extension Legs are available in 100 (4"), 200 (8") and 300mm (12") lengths, these snugly fit over the Extension Leg Inserts and are bolted up using the M12 x 50 Hex Head Screws (BZP) provided. Available in either single packs, or as kits. Enables you to adjust the level of the anchorage, so that even though your ground may be uneven, your shed doesn’t have to be. The kit will provide you with supports for each part of your base: corners, sides, and the center. It is made to the precise size of the shed floor, and is pegged into the ground and levelled. can be installed on virtually any surface without major expense or hassle! Pick a spot for your shed that's close to level and doesn't collect water. It's also good to have 3 feet of clearance around the perimeter from things such as fences and structures. We provide competitive prices, fast delivery and a great range of options to choose from. (Does not include timbers) Download Kit (PDF) Kit 2 - Medium Sheds. Shop Now! Great for making sure your shed is level despite an uneven surface. QuickJACK-PRO (Soft Surfaces) Adjustable Shed Base Kit QuickJACK-PRO Shed Base (Soft Surfaces) is an easy-to-fit adjustable base foundation for all garden buildings and decking.This innovative base system allows even the most basic DIY'er to achieve professional results in … Using Quickjack as a shed base is probably the simplest option on this list, but also the least durable. BASEFEAT is an easy-to-install and level base foundation system! These Extensions allow your foundation to be levelled out on even the most uneven, sloping surface! A shed base is an essential part of building a shed (whether they may be wooden or metal garden sheds), the base has to be properly made to give your shed a solid foundation. Find storage shed floor kits at Lowe's today. We have a selection of easy-to-install plastic or timber shed bases that are quick and simple to build, require minimal DIY skills and taking a fraction of the time it would normally take to lay most alternative shed base solutions like paving slabs or concrete. These can be installed on a level lawn or the frame can be placed onto a patio using the metal L-shaped legs (supplied with the kit) to help keep it level. Ensuring that your shed remains sturdy, level and secured to the ground can prevent shed dislodging due to harsh weather conditions, and … Level and Smooth with a 2×4. Arrow FDN1014 Storage Shed Base Kit. A shed that’s not level doesn’t look good and it doesn’t feel good when you step inside. The EcoBearer shed base system is a lightweight and innovative base system for all sizes of sheds and buildings using bearers on their bases. Larger sheds — 160 square feet and up — need 4 feet of clearance. Strong, flat and level… Concrete is a strong, flat base for a shed. All of our base for sheds are easy to assemble, ensuring you … The adjustable shed base copes easily with bearing on to a variety of materials. This helps to smooth out uneven spots and create a pad that’s perfectly flat. This innovative base system allows even the most inexperienced DIY'er to  achieve a professional, solid, level result in both soft ground and hard ground alike. Kit 1 - Small Sheds. Hi everyone, I am looking … You can create any shape or size bases with BASEFEAT but we like to keep things simple, we have itemised four of the most popular sized kits below for your ease of reference and ordering. I think it took us about 7 minutes to level the base once we put it in place. Cannot be used without H.D. Although each one of our M16 100mm Adjustable feet can handle up to 1500kg, we would as a rule of thumb recommend around half of this (750kg) per foot, to give yourself or your customer peace-of-mind. View our great product range of Shed Base Kits. ProBase plastic grids, QuickJack adjustable height bases, and EasyPad foundation pads for garden buildings and commercial spaces. Our range of shed bases provide a level support frame to build your shed on and also raises the floor to prevent water damage. Discover a huge range of our excellent selection of shed bases & foundations, perfect for repairs or improvements. 4 x M12 Threaded Inserts, Mechanically set into Body, Extension Leg Insert Kit: Instead of the M16 BZP Threaded Insert fitting directly into your Heavy Duty Corner or Center Bracket, This insert bolts snugly up inside the Bracket using M12 x 50 Hex Head Screws (BZP) which allows for the use of, M8 Drilled and Tapped for Adjustable Foot. It is good to work on and provides a strong base to attach the shed walls and anything else you want to. The plastic pro base is fast becoming the preferred shed base to install. Our Website uses cookies to improve your experience. Available as a pre-cut wooden base or in an adjustable base kit, our shed underlay keeps your shed healthy and happy. Suitable for Small Sheds: 6ft 3inch, 6ft 4inch, 6ft x 5inch, etc. Great to go with our Shed Security systems. You can purchase a complete shed base kit that provides you with everything you will need to provide a strong and sturdy base for your new garden building. There are many traditional base solutions available and each one has their own pros and cons, however, BASEFEAT is much, much cheaper than concrete, less labour intensive than paving slabs or patios, faster than OTHER base solutions and the BASEFEAT system doesn't start sinking into the ground like most other spike based systems available online, not to mention, BASEFEAT does not interrupt underground services. Foundation kits are available in various styles. A1BaseKIT or Pressure-Treated Frame. Finish the job with a roofing kit - these roof tiles are lightweight, easy to fit and great for stopping leaks. The best shed base will also extend the life of your shed by protecting it from damp and subsidence. Concrete shed base. Caroline Elliott. Revolutionary, innovative, high quality & cost effective foundation systems supplied and installed by us! Adjustable Anchor Pack of 4, Adjustable Anchor pack of 6, Adjustable Anchor pack of 8, Single Anchor. Its weight also helps KEEP THE SHED SECURED TO THE GROUND. Do not copy any content (including images) without our consent. In this case it included a section of old patio and some newly constructed individual bases. Hi, I've recently had a concrete base laid which was damaged on the top layer by rain and has crumbled leaving it rough and... Best method to create level base for outbuilding on existing uneven concrete next to house. The level base will also keep the shed off the ground and prevent damp and rot. A timber shed base, or portabase, is made from pressure-treated timber and comes with metal spikes which are hammered into the ground to keep the shed base in place. Adjustable and Pivoting feet as standard. Here are a some kits to cover the most popular of building sizes. Call 0333 577 1191 With the QuickJACK system you can quickly create a base of any size and shape. Keeps Shed and Garden Building floors dry and ventilated, reducing the risk of rot. Fast & Free Delivery Huge Range Low Prices. It is commonly used for houses, factories and large warehouses. BASEFEAT is fast and easy to install and level with NO ground preparation. Shed Base Kits sell foundation kits for all applications, from lightweight sheds to large modular buildings. The jacks raise the base of the shed off the wet ground. Plus, if the shed shifts in level in the future I can readjust it. Available in Single components and Kit form! Garden Base Kit - 6x4ft c/w Membrane & Pins 12x8 GARDEN SHED BASE GRID = FULL ECO KIT 3.66m x 2.55m + HEAVY DUTY MEMBRANE PLASTIC 8x12 feet ECO PAVING BASES & DRIVEWAY GRIDS Buy great products from our Shed Bases Category online at Wickes.co.uk. Our Shed Bases will let you do away with the hassle of laying slabs and creating a concrete shed base for your new garden shed. The BASEFEAT system is sold in single component form and also in Kit form for Shed and Garden Building sizes 4ft x 2ft up to 12ft x 12ft, Bespoke Kits can be also quoted on request. We can manufacture longer lengths of Extension Legs to order too! It’s made from recycled plastic, it’s light to carry and put in place, and it’s surprisingly strong too. They can be used for the manufactured shed, or to support other small sheds of the same size. These are put in the ground under your shed, and the shed rests ontop of this. BASEFEAT also features key optional extras including Anchor Plates and Extension Legs! They make a great alternative to traditional felt options. Quick and accurate to level on virtually any surface or incline with NO groundwork required! This allows good airflow beneath the shed and keeps the base timbers dry. Use the 2×4 that was used to level the excavated area and slide it across the surface of the gravel. These are put in the ground under your shed, and the shed rests ontop of this. We have developed, what we, and many of our trade and retail customer believe is the BEST shed base on the market TODAY! A1 Sheds: ProBase Shed Base - How to Install Installation Guide PROBASE: NOW EVEN STRONGER! These were alot heavier and stronger than the pictures made them look. Sheer genius. Shed Base Buying Guide. I got my entire shed up … First, you need to purchase the right kit for your shed base. Shed pictured: The BillyOh 20 Range . Heavy Duty Corner & Center Bracket Kits: These Heavy Duty Zince Plated Brackets are fitted to your 4" x 2" (100mm x 47mm) timber frame using M12 x 50 Hex Head Coach Screws (BZP) with a Heavy Duty Polymer Plastic M16 BZP Threaded Insert and 10mm Diameter Adjustable and Pivoting M16 Foot! A floor kit provides that level surface and will lift the shed off the ground for extra protection and dry surface. Timber base pads make easy work of leveling your timber frame to be used as the base for your log cabin or garden building. Heavy Duty Ground Anchor Plates: Require even more peace of mind? Corner or Center Bracket Kit. Buy your ideal shed base now for metal sheds, plastic sheds and wooden sheds. Great to go with our Shed Security systems. Shop storage shed floor kits and a variety of outdoors products online at Lowes.com. Extension Leg Insert and H.D. A new shed is a great asset but it can cause a lot of problems if it's not placed on level ground. At Haven Timber, we can supply and install high quality and cost effective foundation systems to trade and retail customers, we install our innovative Shed Base and Foundation System in Bath, Frome, Trowbridge, Westbury, Bradford on Avon, Radstock, Midsomer Norton, Warminster and the surrounding areas! Heavy Duty Ground Plates: Instead of using old paving slabs or blocks to spread the weight of your foundation. Lay the necessary foundations to assure that your garden shed is built to last, with our easy to install shed bases from B&Q. The Anchors can be adjusted so that the plate at the top of the anchor can be moved around leveling any objects. To make sure your shed stands the test of time, it needs a solid foundation. Some small shed manufacturers offer foundation kits for their sheds. There are no prior groundworks that need to take place, no expensive concrete and no risk to underground services. Floor kits are designed to be quick to put together, so you can get straight onto putting up your shed. You could use concrete or patio slabs to create the level standing, an easier and quicker alternative is to use one of our robust plastic or timber base kits. The Anchors can be adjusted so that the plate at the top of the anchor can be moved around leveling any objects. The best base for a shed will make the construction of the shed easier and ensure that all parts line up and doors open smoothly. High Quality design. Easily pair this foundation with any of Lifetimes 8 ft. x 10 ft. or 10 ft. x 8 ft. Sheds. For bespoke designs, call: 01653 531058. It sits on the ground which means you need a flat area. 3. Two sizes are available to cope with most moderate inclines of 0 - 140mm with a combination of pads. This is an example of how NOT to lay a shed base! Designed to make levelling of a timber frame base easy and quick. A huge amount of customer don't really give a second thought about their base, but a solid, lever foundation can add decades of life to your shed! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Shedmate Adjustable Height Strong Levelling Garden Shed Decking Feet 24 at the best online prices at eBay! This area gives you room to build the shed. The A1BaseKIT is a wooden frame made from pressure-treated timber. A firm, level base is the essential starting point for any shed or garden building. This is a great way of achieving a level base, allowing maximum airflow to keep the underside of the shed floor dry. If you're worried about the ground where you want to place your shed being unsteady, it's relatively easy to make the area level in a matter of hours with the right tools. x Zinc Galvanized Bracket (Corner or Center). Even though you won’t really see your shed base, it has a very important role to fulfil. © 2020. Features: Made from ABS plastic. We supply trade quality DIY and home improvement products at great low prices A level foundation is important for any working service and to ensure your product is safe from damage and water leaks.