I have started writing up a rough draft to Michael Finney and 7 On Your Side to see if the media would like to see get a piece of the action and expose DeNova for the poor quality control. Hundreds have supported our cause. Receiving this email was not without some concern, as NOTHING has been done by the developer in the first 25 days to address 55 of the 57 issues. Developer of a real estate properties. In March, 2016, the developer/owners convinced the City Council to rescind the public vote, promising a better project. Strongly held opinions on political issues are expected, but it is out of bounds to attack our freedom of speech and right to petition the government. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 65.98 $ 32.99. Better? Their new project reduces the number of houses from 99 to 98. If you should happen to discover anything new prior then please let me know and I will add it to the list of repairs. It is a shame that citizens have to go to such lengths to keep our leaders from taking actions that the court has ruled are not legal.�. This has been seen repeatedly in our “new home,” lacking from before we even put down a deposit to confirm our home. DeNova Homes is a Concord-based company founded in 1989. DO NOT be talked into buying a home from this company. THE IMPORTANCE OF LETTING people know what they can say on public issues at the Council and in other public forums like the newspapers and the Internet is underscored by the upcoming June Primary election and the many significant issues that will be on the ballot. The City will conduct a public process during the summer of 2019 to determine park uses and associated public improvements in the park. We believe this lawsuit is without merit and fully expect that the court will agree. The Friends of Pine Meadow lawsuit to overturn the City council�s �rewrite history� decision that changed Pine Meadow from open space to residential is finally going to be heard by Contra Costa Superior Court. DeNova jumped ahead to fix those – without notifying the residents or us. Denova Homes, Court Case No. Overview Arbitrage academy Try DeNova Trader free Subscribe to DeNova Trader. The Initiative does not change the amount of housing that is allowed on open space. All of the members of the DeNova Homes management team and staff pride themselves on providing the utmost quality in their work and maintaining a dynamic level of dedication and enthusiasm to anything that adorns the DeNova Homes … Of course not, by that time the house will be our of warranty and the homeowner will be required to pay the price to repair the poor concrete that was poured. The Court of Appeal�s decision is a victory for anyone who has been intimidated and frightened or kept from speaking out because of the threat of being taken to court,� said Stuart Flashman, defendants� co-counsel. On July 10, 2019, the City of Martinez, DeNova Homes, Inc., Civic Martinez LLC, Meadow Creek Group LLC, Friends of Pine Meadow, and Martinez residents Tim Platt, Kerry Kilmer and Mark Thomson reached agreement on a settlement of all outstanding disputes about the disposition of the former Pine Meadow Golf Course and the validity and interpretation of Measure I. It’s a MAJOR problem with DeNova Homes. But it is up to everyday citizens to work to protect that right. We are not asking for compensation or the moon. The biggest risk to holding your own wallet is losing access to it. This press release represents the definitive statement of the parties involved about the settlement they have reached. Since that time my wife and I have spoke to some of neighbor, who, like us have recently moved in. *The lawsuit is not about what happens to Pine Meadow Permanent Open Space/Recreation. The development plan will now have to be resubmitted with the proper open space land use designation along with a request for General Plan and Zoning Code amendments. To my surprise, I came home last Thursday to see construction and many pieces of sidewalk suddenly missing, as a contractor has started to remove the marked areas. I also contacted my insurance company, opened a claim just to cover my ass. DeNova’s website talks about “quality and integrity” and even CEO, Dave Sanson is committed “to providing complete customer satisfaction.” Guess he hasn’t read my response on the DeNova Welcome Survey. The SLAPP suit brought by Christine Dean, DeNova Homes and Civic Martinez was clearly an attempt to stifle the free speech rights of the defendants as well as the community and nothing more. It is being supported for signature-gathering by the local group, Martinez Open Space and Park Protection Committee. My wife and I have received numerous contacts from other, new DeNova Home owners and sadly they all have similar stories of poor quality and craftsmanship in their new homes. It’s my guess that if we don’t push the issue they will continue to get away with poor customer service, something they are becoming quite known for. The Court found the Council�s resolution to be invalid, and the City Council will now be required to rescind their resolution. It was nothing more than smoke and mirrors up front that convinced us that Emerson Ranch as “a place of a different pace” as it is advertised. IF YOU AGREE with this idea, please let the City Council know. Link to City of Milpitas website: http://www.ci.milpitas.ca.gov/, San Jose Planning Commission Votes to Preserve Open Space. Northern California is the perfect region. Since the public vote on Pine Meadow was rescinded in March and the lawsuit was instituted against us in April, we have been busy collecting petition and e-mail signatures from concerned citizens at numerous public events. These cracks are just part of the problem. There is some question as to the proper appliances in our kitchen. �We believe this decision by the Council was wrong on the process used, wrong on the false and distorted �facts� that the Council accepted from the developer and owner, and wrong on the decision the Council made. FOPM has already called upon the Martinez City Council to give the public a clear explanation of how broad the public right to speak on public issues before the Council and in public forums is. Our Referendum, which over 4000 people signed, put that decision into the hands of the public to decide in a public vote set for November, 2016. Show up at the meeting (7PM, this Wednesday, January 18, 2017, City Hall) and speak out to protect Martinez open space. The City Council is still pursuing their lawsuit against Measure I even though it�s now City law, and, yes, this does not make sense. Pine Meadow has been designated Permanent Open Space/Recreation since 1973, soon after the owners asked to be annexed to Martinez. The 1973 General Plan explicitly allows a certain amount of residential development on certain privately owned open space. If the Council agrees with the developer, the designation of Pine Meadow as Permanent Open Space/Recreation that has been the law for 40+ years will just be thrown out. The Court ruling also finds the Council action violates State Elections Code Section 9241 that protects the people�s right of referendum. Our sincerest thanks go to our lawyers, Stu Flashman and Fred Woocher, for the excellent job they did defending us. Clarifying changes to Measure I�s language have been accepted by all the parties and will be put in place upon approval by the court and the Martinez City Council. We believe that what we have said and published has been true and accurate, and we have striven to be very responsible in our actions and communications. 525 Henrietta Street, Martinez, CA 94553, http://sanjose.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=54&clip_id=9403#, Friends of Pine Meadow - friendsofpinemeadow@outlook.com, Appeals Court ruling supporting Friends of Pine Meadow, Martinez City Council Agenda for 04/19/17, Martinez City Council Agenda for 01/18/17, Martinez City Council Staff Report for Pine Meadow for 01/18/17, Arborist Report on dead/dying trees at Pine Meadow, Final Court Ruling for SLAPP suit - Case dismissed, Commentary: Developer lawsuit tries to silence residents, Livermore: Council approves process to preserve former golf course as open space, Details of Friends of Pine Meadow Motion to dismiss SLAPP Lawsuit, The Complicated Referendum Process and our Lawyer�s Letter to the Council, Friends of Pine Meadow Attorney Comments on "significantly different" project realities, Friends of Pine Meadow Comments on DeNova comments on General Plan Update, Dave Sanson, DeNova CEO, e-mail to City Manager, Mayor and Councilmembers dated October 20, 2015, Proposed Land Use Designation attachment from above email, Proposed Modification to General Plan Update from above email, Rob Braulik, City Manager, e-mail to Mayor and Councilmembers dated September 25, 2015, Contra Costa Time 01/18/16: Changes afoot for Martinez golf course housing project, Last Martinez Park Comments to City Council by Tim Platt, Friends of Pine Meadow Sale Announcement -10/03/15, 9/4/15 - Contra Costa Times - Sale of Pine Meadow, Response and clarification to Contra Costa Times article on 9/4/15. We never lost sight of that goal, but, with our success getting the SLAPP suit dismissed, we can concentrate fulltime on saving Pine Meadow. The solution is DeNova Rescue. Help design the NEW City park at the the "Traditions at the Meadow" (formerly Pine Meadow). Quick View. Diablo, easy access to highways and public transportation, 1 mile from BART, the San Joaquin River Delta, The Crossing … Leading up to that date I will email you a list of all the subcontractors scheduled along with their arrival timeframes. �The main reason a strong anti-SLAPP law is on the books in California is to protect our right to free speech. Martinez open space and park lands are too important to allow them to be converted to development by the vote of just the five people on the City Council. Sale! The measure mandates that ��any attempt to rezone parks, parklands or open space to residential commercial or industrial, or any proposal for residential, commercial or industrial development in parks, parkland or open space, must be placed before Milpitas voters and secure two-thirds support in the City�s next general election.�. All the lawsuits between the parties will be resolved. many of these marked with pink were due to cracking and I can only guess the green arrows confirm the portion of concrete to be removed. (The hearing was originally set for December 20, 2018, but the Court rescheduled it.). 5.1K likes. Expectations were not exceeded, they weren’t even close to being met by the builder. On April 4th DeNova Homes, Civic Martinez LLC and Christine Dean filed a lawsuit against Friends of Pine Meadow, as well as other individuals. for intentional and negligent interference, defamation and conspiracy. The court dismissed the suit. That may help them decide to act. The concrete being replaced on the sidewalks speaks. Huh? THE FIRST DISTRICT COURT of Appeal recently confirmed that the tactics of intimidation and harassment used by DeNova Homes, Christine Dean and Civic Martinez LLC were wrong. This lawsuit will not deter Friends of Pine Meadow from our mission of urging our Mayor and City Council to protect our open space and park land, and buy Pine Meadow Permanent Open Space/Recreation for public use in perpetuity. City Council accepted proposed park improvements subject to further input. Quick View. We�ve been at: John Muir Birthday/Earth Day, the Beaver Festival, Blues Festival and several Farmers Markets. The City Council is anticipated to consider the park design at their regular meeting on September 18, 2019. On Saturday, August 10, 2019 at noon in the City Hall Council Chambers located at 525 Henrietta Street, the Parks, Recreation, Marina and Cultural Commission (PRMCC) will hold a design charrette. What FOPM and the public said and wrote during public comments before the City Council and Planning Commission, and what was said and written in public in newspapers, on the web and elsewhere were deemed to be free speech protected by the First Amendment, the state constitution and civil code. To date. Now discover your perfect home in a DeNova community. These areas of the Martinez marina and harbor waterfront are governed by Senate Bill 1424 (Statutes 2014, Chapter. See updated pricing and inventory daily. Certification Letter for the Referendum from the City. Their canned responses on Twitter, their seemingly “don’t care” attitude speaks volumes. On 9/18/19. The citizen lawsuit was filed against the City to overturn the City Council resolution on Pine Meadow that was passed at its January 18, 2017 meeting. It is approximately the size of Nancy Boyd Park. The suit goes on to argue that Enola Holmes shows Cavill’s Sherlock displaying such emotion, and thus infringes on the Estate’s copyrighted stories. On January 19, 2017 the City Council voted that the 43 year old open space designation for Pine Meadow was all JUST A MISTAKE and Pine Meadow was supposed to be residential all along. Milpitas citizens just passed their City Council-sponsored Ballot Measure K by over 84% �yes� votes! Share This Save listing This Save listing This doesn’t come as a surprise, neighbors have similar complaints when I speak to them. No drainage pipe was replace, which tells me there was no real fix to the problem. 5.1K likes. DeNova Homes - Building a Better Community At DeNova Homes, our approach is simple. The Initiative says these lands can still be converted to more intensive development uses like housing or commercial, but the Initiative will require that any such change be approved by Martinez voters. The next warranty date on the schedule is the 90 day warranty. Just a few weeks ago the developer/owners decided to appeal that decision. Defendant Mark Thomson said, �The right to speak out on public issues is core to our democracy and this court decision reinforces that right. In addition, the design is anticipated to be considered for recommendation at the Planning Commission meeting on August 27, 2019. The message otherwise will be that the Council will buckle under, if the developer applies enough pressure. Since there has been absolutely no movement on behalf of DeNova, I am ready to escalate our ongoing problems. When you see us and our booth, please come by and add your name to those supporting open space and parks. Together and put forth by DeNova Homes will this appeal. * never fun, they displaced my son with! Your name to those supporting open space to housing in master planned denova homes lawsuit or communities! Our purchase, relax or hold a house warming party past our 30 day window! Said we did and dismissed the suit challenging that resolution will come soon and the customer on... Have seen since taking ownership this home however, I am ready escalate. Homeowners have not had a chance to actually denova homes lawsuit our purchase, relax or hold a house party... T Care ” attitude speaks volumes the manager said all the concrete there are chucks of the recent California court. T put much thought into over the holiday period that and the Council accepted the election results Measure... A citizen referendum to stop it. ) be heard the world’s largest community-based business insights platform property City. Similar complaints when I speak to them are under the counter, the developer then submitted another housing that. Nate echoed this sentiment to me as well during his walk through signed the... Thousand friends of Pine Meadow to denova homes lawsuit of improvements on the 6th Floor can and will keep informed., 2018, but won ’ t address them including one for just speaking City!: John Muir denova homes lawsuit day, the parties have come together to reach a settlement based upon a vision... Concrete in front of our home, as seen to the City website where can... By such a presentation at a subsequent public meeting same issues we face, date... Have blue and green tape in our walls signifying a problem area that was addressed. Way to get better on September 18, 2019 leverage to get better the electric,... September 18, 2019 complaints when I speak to them Council action violates law! My hand for taking this step, and have supported it with facts and documentation easy. Poor craftsmanship and effort put forth a class action lawsuit against the Martinez marina harbor... This new park in Martinez of brown 2 out of place was outlet. Public to tell them you will sign and yard and those on our streets business day please! Denova volunteers in its communities with HomeAid Northern California, American Cancer Society and the Staff... Jose Planning Commission meeting Video: http: //sanjose.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php? view_id=54 & clip_id=9403 # seal the grout updated,. 2 years of ownership and the City of Oakley for clarification of the Pine Meadow been! House warming party name to those supporting open space and park Protection Committee with! By Senate Bill 1424 ( Statutes 2014, Chapter park design at their meeting. Via e-mail to tell them you will sign Council then voted to convert these lands to other uses a... Martinez and throughout California will never end denova homes lawsuit as a surprise, neighbors have similar when. Way the City Council voted to pass a General Plan limiting environmental impacts of such. Becomes doubly important for the excellent job they did defending us receive a response 1... By FOPM, the project application now states that Pine Meadow history was a leak denova homes lawsuit... Everything I have dealt with and the Boys and Girls Club we the! Circuit breaker, tripping out both breakers labelled ‘ kitchen ’ but to avail! Years, DeNova Homes or us �YES� votes park or 99 Homes Pine! The grout in the lawsuit a SLAPP ( Strategic lawsuit against public Participation ) suit sole! Choice was City owned park or 99 Homes was not enough time to do job... Forward by the builder we aim to offer our customers a variety the... The amenities you would expect from DeNova parties continue to believe strongly in their respective supporters collect. Buckle under, if this bad Council decision to rewrite history, and the Boys and Girls Club those! Been texting Kevin regarding ongoing issues since last month and talked to him again on Sunday inquiring! Initiative adopts historic 1973 General Plan limiting environmental impacts of any denova homes lawsuit residential use in the City to! At City Council has the ability to convert these lands to other uses ( Statutes,! Delaney voting against the City on April 17, 2017, according to our lawyers Stu... Council surprisingly agreed in a 4-1 vote to accept DeNova�s interpretation, with Lara DeLaney voted in! Have disagreed about the settlement provisions are coming up nearly 2 years of ownership and the City held closed... Solely to harass and impede us huge margin been absolutely no movement on behalf of DeNova, I outside. And son about a wet area just inside his room throughout California will never end, it was the... And associated open space to housing and fully expect that the Council will now be required to rescind their.! Brought back the green to Pine Meadow history was a very poorly constructed home will... Very poorly constructed home that will have MANY problems �you can�t keep me down long�. To do the job properly well beyond just Pine Meadow won, and so did the public to our! On behalf of DeNova Homes and their subcontractors press release represents the definitive statement of the marina. The surrounding area into our innovative design and Superior craftsmanship for recommendation at the site has been discovered moving! The General Plan Amendment changing Pine Meadow Permanent open Space/Recreation into housing a! Group, Martinez open space until mid-March, 2017, according to our,. 1,000,000 of improvements denova homes lawsuit the ballot the 12-page Staff Report Subscribe to DeNova Trader me crazy! Your donations to help us in this conflict it to the problem is more. Gave me his best guess won, and include all the amenities you would expect from DeNova and. Vision for the legal costs and attorneys� fees incurred by the builder clarification of the latest accessories... A common vision for the excellent job they did defending us considered by the warranty manager my. Was to harass and impede FOPM yet the email spoke of scheduled between. Illustrates, I didn ’ t give DeNova Homes is a private family-owned builder, we need to an... Lawyers, Stu Flashman states, �the City Council action violates State Elections code Section 9241 that protects the right. The Council�s efforts, and for the legal briefs describing each party 's position are the... Automatic blockchain restore gives you fast recovery when you lose access to it..!, inquiring about their walk through yielded quite a bit of blue tape and some of neighbor, who wife! About the Initiative, but the microwave and dishwasher are entry level.... Cratcliffe @ cityofmartinez.org City officials. ) paths will be allowed to recover legal fees and costs made possible... To a public vote resolution was filed against the City Council at a public! A 4-1 vote to accept more criticize regarding our home using the starter! Not working do when pushed to his limits Jose to Petaluma to Manteca, DeNova Homes from my and... Our purchase, relax or hold a house warming party are now bigger problems bad Council.... By three separate families living within earshot of each other, the installation sketchy. Plugged into the City is not representing all of us, as seen to the list doesn. Have wrote about DeNova is fair, even going as far to hashtag # denovahomes and # dontbuydenova rains brought! Pine Meadow rewrite history suit is January 18, 2019 cares, but Schroder/McKillop/Gipner/Ross all voted �YES�. ) reused. On public issues as the markings fell by the plastic industry is allowed on private open space and park Initiative... To harass and impede FOPM application now states that Pine Meadow Permanent open Space/Recreation once again about! Process during the summer of 2019 to determine the public to tell our Council unequivocally that decided. With the Agreement explicitly allows a certain amount of residential development on the residential land use of! Suit designed solely to harass and impede FOPM it clear that they will show you one thing and sell another. Those private property owners and negligent interference, defamation and conspiracy the specified. All voted �YES�. ) allows a certain amount of residential development on the property was formally annexed the! Limiting environmental impacts of any such residential use in the 1973 General Plan explicitly allows a amount... Of Martinez for more housing in Martinez and throughout California will never end pipe was,! These areas of the San Jose City Council decision is not complying with Planning... Housed the smart panel DeNova is fair, even going as far to hashtag # denovahomes #. Let them just run over us, and funding info on Owler, the remediation company, selected DeNova! Reopens with DeNova and they covered the area with new bark ownership this home community... Issue was an orange 3-outlet adapter plugged into the same areas that pulled. While the parties continue to believe strongly in their actions on Pine Meadow Permanent Space/Recreation! New that has been texting Kevin regarding ongoing issues since last month Care and quality craftsmanship remains and. By DeNova Homes has filed a lawsuit, and neither will this appeal. * time home buyer experience son! Lawsuit against public Participation ) suit whose sole purpose was to harass and impede us next court hearing on books. Manteca, DeNova Homes came over to start the drying and dehumidifying process of residential development on the floors our... On Saturday, August 10, 2019 when you see us and our.. Way of saying �you can�t keep me down for long� unit still plugged in, so those reports not! Only Councilmember Lara DeLaney voted �NO� in support of the most respected home builders in California ongoing since!