Abs are naturally made in the kitchen first and foremost. So I am saving P90X3, Piyo, JNL Fusion, Billy Blanks PT 24/7, Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and some other ones for when I get to the fitness level I want. I recommend you to do it with this one; her latest! They are super entertaining and very informative! Loved t25 but need something a little more challenging. Something is very wrong in this universe when a workout makes Insanity look like a day off. There’s no equipment needed; just push to your MAX and get insane results in 30 minutes a day. Also, I had heard that T25 has lots of one legged moves. Otherwise the torrents of sweat flowing down your arms will have you sliding all over the place. Wrist-band: Allows you to do ground moves that require your hands without slipping. The idea of a program that is equally effective but less time is obviously very appealing. Well, if you have poor physical condition, yet are able to accomplish the programs you mentioned, it would be feasible you could modify your way through Max 30 until you build up the stamina. I noticed that biceps in particular get fairly ignored. But I also need some muscle power and tone too. Hi Parrot! I'm currently eating 1500cals a day, although one day I went to 1800 because I felt lethargic during workouts. I wouldn’t bother with the original Insanity anymore as it is too hard on the joints and Max 30 is tons better anyway. I am now down to 161 lbs in the last 49 days (22lb lost!). And it just might be given what lies ahead. It’s hard but in a different way. I am almost completing Insanity Max 30, next week will be my last week. This is like that ( the coconuts I mean ). Not sure if you did the alpha round and then went to Max 30? The realflex line was a pair I had purchased before because they fit me and the sides were solid. LOVED IT!!! Beachbody makes you almost want to just join a gym because it is CHEAPER. Nobody, and I freaking mean nobody does cardio-circuit training like Shaun T.  As a standalone program Insanity: Max 30 is sufficient to give you triathlete levels of endurance and explosive power as good or better than the original Insanity…only at a shorter timeframe of 30 minutes. In a week, I will be finished with a T25 Gamma / 21DFX hybrid…. Let us see if I’ll be able to do a nice max 30 after that.  Welcome to Hell. Important question: Is Max 30 harder than Asylum 1&2? Great. It would be important to stay well hydrated before the workout, as the risk is becoming faint if you push your body with fasting and intense cardio. Today i wanted to follow up from my last fitness video and share my results from doing Insanity Max 30! Just little worried about having a heart attack in my basement ;). Fabulous. INSANITY MAX:30 Results: This 41-Year-Old Dad Lost 34.2 Pounds in 54 Days! Has anyone had issues with their Achilles after doing these workouts? PARROT, Quick Question: You say that T25 start off easier. Had a few Omron’s and they were complete garbage. Regarding weight gain, leave out wheat and see how that works. Did you review the that program, I don’t see it in your lists? I would like to purchase this after I have completed Insanity. Yes, people think I’m just being insufferable and difficult. I really like the original Insanity for the stretching and slower pace (Never though Insanity Plyo would be an easy day).. Still, it looks promising and Tony generally puts out exceptional programs. I’m a former marathon runner and looking to do a hybrid with body beast to tone up. It’s one of those things where if you have the money, go for it because I’m sure they’re great considering how Max 30 is such a good program. Shaun works the set like a true pro, giving proper tips and inspiration at the right times. Could P90X2 be done with resistance bands? The insanity programs obviously don’t go by this philosophy, and obviously people are getting results… Is the idea of spacing HIIT workouts simply false then? Tuesday: Eccentric Upper + X3 Ab or Max30 Ab So to those who want to start their new lifestyle of fitness, I suggest walking away slowly and picking up Focus T25 instead. I found insanity to be hard on my knees (never had an injury but they were always sore after insanity). Had me sweating more than insanity. I had to very minimally use modification but I’m in it to win. WAY too hard on my joints and boring to boot. Hi! just found your website and loving your reviews!! I’m not sure what to do next. Probably good words to live by. Would welcome views/thoughts. Gama is on there as well. I tried my daughter’s hard Corp workouts and I found it hard on my lower back. In this blog I saw a calendar that can be useful: http://oficientes.com/calendario-insanity-max-30-en-excel/. I don’t know about body beast since I gain weight easily and I want to lose fat and focus on performance. Lauren Plenger lost … Want to outrun the average Kryptonian or change a lightbulb in the Sistene Chapel by jumping to reach it? Young bucks with an abundance of cartilage can keep it going longer, but I find that Shaun T’s programs in general are not long term endeavors. As it turns out, some gym memberships these days are only $20 a month. He is a diesel mechanic but says he feels out of shape and that he wants to build more muscle on his arms and lose his stomach fat. INSANITY Max 30 Results Before and After Thoughts and Tips. Autumn kind of makes my eardrums vibrate in a bad way so I have no hope of surviving 80 solid days of her without some good quality whiskey from the old country. I do not max out during the MAX 30 workouto but I do slow my pace when I feel close to maxing out, not sure if that “cheating”. I can’t decide which program to do next. 5 – The MODIFIER: This is new and has never been done before. What are your thoughts? Ultimately, it’s my fault. I am personally finishing up an Insanity/Asylum Vol. I like cheap. The attention to legs, plyometrics and cardio is simply unparalleled in any home fitness program to date, and that includes Insanity. It worked for me though! As I mention in the video above, I am going for round 2!!! I had written a huge comment but when i was about to post, i was like .. meh. To summarize, this is a program every P90X ( or similar package ) grad should have as it fill the huge, gaping cardio vacuum that programs like it have. These give the more creative chef and the completely clueless cook some great ideas to spice up their dinner ideas without spending hours combing recipe websites. Thank you in advance and keep the reviews coming. How ever for some people counting calories for brief period may be necessary. Blue is the easy side, I believe. Me being a personal trainer, tracking results is key to knowing where my clients stand in terms of progression. If you do intermittent fasting, would a workout like this be beneficial? Thank you so much for your reply, Either would be fine, but what I often do is alternate each week to really mix things up. I will be a bigginner. So I thought you might like an update. Shaun’s latest program. Anyone else have some insight into this? What weight routine are you doing in conjunction with your insanity work outs? So far, I love it. After reading some of your other comments and reviews, I’d worry about reaching a plateau. Also would i find Les Mills Combat too easy after Max30? I was thinking of doing P90X2 next. Since you have reviewed everything beachbody has to offer, and everything is now available on beach body on demand, would you consider creating your own ‘best of’ compilation for a 60 or 90 day workout? The Dysfunctional Parrot ) is a disgruntled Systems Analyst who wanders the Canadian wastelands saving small villages with the power of Kung Fu.  His chair is also a little too close to the twenty year old microwave.  As you can well imagine, this has had certain side effects. INSANE RESULTS. Pictures, videos, stories and quotes from men – insanity workout results before and after. I figured as much, was just hoping for a review from a trusted source. You mentioned Shift Shop below in another post ; is it going to be a Shaun T workout ? Other options are concentrating on functional fitness with something like P90X2 or Stronger by Nicki Hollander. ORR??? If mass is not your concern then maybe that’s the best way to go. I have completed 21DF, p90X3 and midway through Hammer and Chisel. The citizens of Gotham can sleep easy tonight…. As anyone who’s powered through his programs – and gotten an ultra-fit body to show for it – knows, Super Trainer Shaun T is a master motivator who’s shown millions how to obliterate their limits so they could get in the best shape of their lives. Max 30 isn’t necessarily a “track-athlete” training system like Asylum is either so it has less emphasis on speed and agility. I am considering doing p90x3 or p90x. working on a hybrid of the 2 but don’t want to over do it. If you use the right weights, being easy should not be an issue. After the vaccation i plan on doing asylum vol.1. Let’s hope I become batman! The workouts increase to about 60 minutes each. For me, someone who’s in decent shape but has always been more into the resistance-based BB programs, I find that while I don’t need to regress to the modifier, I definitely can’t keep up the same pace as the cast and need longer breaks. X3 is a pretty solid program that I highly recommend. I would say it is as hard as the original Insanity while having the bonus of being easier on the joints. I was wondering what you would suggest doing first, insanity or IM30? I love it and am excited to start Max 30, but I’m nervous to lose the muscles I’ve gained with BB. Thanks for an awesome review again. Wednesday: Agility X + X3 Ab or Max30 Ab Cardio with weights sounds wrong even from idea perspective. My Achilles is doing well so far with Insanity but was wondering how this MAX 30 workout fairs. I think doing the whole program as designed is the only way of truly knowing how my body will react. Should I go with Insanity instead? If you’re a fan of Shaun, the Asylum series is a serious butt kicker as well that utilizes more weight training too. Music can make or break a workout program, and I’m fully convinced Shaun T knows that better than anyone given the attention he gives it. Thanks…. Max 30 is quick moves and plyometrics.  But for the rest of us mere humans there is always a modifier, which don’t kid yourself, you will be doing from time to time! I maxed out around 4. These I use for max 30 type workouts. … DO NOT SKIP THE COOLDOWN/STRETCH & USE GOOD SHOES.  It’s mostly leg work, but don’t worry about the upper body…that beat-down comes tomorrow. When you get right down to a lot of these home workouts, the results are similar, it’s just the method by which you get there and which trainer you prefer. I’ll mix in 80 day on the weekends. P90x has 1 hour workouts so if you're looking for 30-minute workouts, you should be comparing p90x3 with Insanity Max … Another solid winner for Shaun T.  5 Feathers out of 5. Chin up bar, stability ball, medicine balls and a foam roller. For your situation however, I would probably opt for T25 or P90X3. I feel amazing and destroyed at the same time. Thank you for your help and reviews. I’m 22 years old female, 57 kg ish and 165 cm. Hi Mr. Parrot! Best, I also have a pair of Nike Free 5.0 which I think are quickly becoming my favorite shoe ever. Have a great day. Personally I like a bit of variety so after 60 days I would likely either try something else, or incorporate this into a hybrid. Have you done a hybrid of the two ? To be honest, it gets going fairly quickly. I must say that I thought the “quality” as you put it is about the same with Insanity and Ruthless. Hi there! And also what should I do with my diet because Im sure I wont be ble to gain with such a deficit but also I don’t want my stomach to put on fat again! As 90DF was a poor man’s P90X (I purchased it for $20 a few years back), so Welder Ruthless is a poor man’s Insanity. I really didn’t know one month could do this to my body. I think back over the last five years or so and think the most I’ve rested is one week here and there. I often do these two workouts as a hybrid. For myself that pretty much solved 90% of my weight gain issues. Your review has me equal parts terrified and excited. Best.reviews.ever. So after just two weeks (and an injury-recovered :) ), I am able to fit in my old jeans again…. Hi, which program would you suggest for someone who plays soccer at a college level (and looking to get quicker/more fit): Insanity Max 30 or Asylum? I’m also a huge critic of production values and this one scores big. From your review, I take it that this workout is extremely difficult. Can you turn off the music in every DVD? Very informative! With new concepts of training, new moves and modifications, it is something else entirely. And all the while I’ve done every single one of these BARE FOOT. I love cardio and am looking to lose the last five pounds. You’re not going to regret it. I began doing Insanity Max 30 about a week ago, given that I woke up the next morning after my first day.. and I was confused as to why my legs wouldn’t let me walk from soreness, I feel like if you use the modifier after you’ve pushed and you can not go anymore, that you can succeed as a beginner. A good pair of cross trainers can last a long time. Upper Elite. A new pair for each program? But, Ruthless suffers from what Insanity suffers from, no strength training and that, IMO is a needed part of fitness. I just started this but have only done a few workouts. – Insanity Max 30 video with Body Beast abs  The music is fantastic and gives an urgency to finish the reps because, I don’t know…aliens will assassinate Nick Fury or something. I have never done Insanity before I started this hybrid workout I am on now. good news is after the rest started the week with Wed workout & just finished Fri fight round 1. Copyright © 2020 Dysfunctional Parrot Productions, http://teamripped.com/body-beast-max-30-hybrid/. I don’t like doing hybrids and prefer to do a whole program. P90X3 Insanity Max:30 Hybrid; P90X Body Beast Hybrid; P90X P90X3 Combat Hybrid; And More Hybrids! . This type of functional fitness gets you leaner and stronger each day. I can’t speak for DP, but none of the Max30 workouts I’ve come across would have any adverse effects on the back. I love the idea of 30 mins each day. Also, he was in the South African Air Force, which gets major credit in my book (as I am an Air Force vet myself). Thanks, I’ll be doing three days of IM:30 and three days of weight lifting with Cathe Friedrich RIPPED program. Best of all it’s free! Whether I always agree or not, you are a great read and I love your insights! It’s much better produced and has better variety. Do a little paleo, a little vegetarian…but nothing permanent and rigid. :) Be well!! Do you think it will be as good as they are making it sound? =). I am finding Beta to be easier than the Alpha…is that common? For a home fitness course, few are willing to go beyond an Asylum level workout as you almost need to go to a Crossfit center to go further. I am 5’7″ and weighed in at 183lbs. Do you think this regiment will achieve this? Insanity Max 30 Results.  That way you would get more of a workout instead of using precious time “maxing out”. Well, the good news is that you get 30 second breaks. Maybe I could do some sort of hybrid between two programs or switch back and forth between two or three programs? I’ll also take a look at Cathe’s program. If you’re in a recover state, it might not be a bad idea to start over just so you don’t injure yourself doing something crazy. I have no idea if this is a good or a bad thing, but I’m pretty sure my feet are very strong after all that :). Review should be up in less than a couple weeks. The Alpha Phase of T25 would be too easy and as such probably not the best value for your money.  He wants you dead. Dropped 2 dress size as well I am on Round 3 now because I love it so much, you can friend me , if you like and I will be cheering you on everyday. I this a good option? I like the trend toward shorter (1/2 hour) workouts. Either way you’re going down screaming. Have you experienced any wait loss or fat loss since starting max:30? Thanks in advance! Love your website btw, definitely the funniest and most neutral out of the ones I’ve seen. That’s been a hard act to follow. any suggestions? I’d do IM30 and skip the original altogether, The newer one is better on the joints if you’re a runner. I’ve done P90X, P90X3, Hip Hop Abs, Insanity, T25, MAX 30 and more. But gosh darn it, I’m going to sacrifice my body to give you a decent non-coach review if it’s the last thing I do. INSANITY Max 30 comes with an incredible 12 workouts (and if you are serious about results and get the Deluxe Kit, you’ll get the killer abs workouts too). When they say its the craziest 30 days of your life, it really is. This is clearly thought out more, and has a lot more variety. The problem might be finding a cardio program that is as hard as Max 30. You are my FAV fitness site to read, There’s a few options. Ruthless is good if you are short on time or want maintenance workouts. and I LOVE THE WEIGHTS. My friend suggested putting her on mute. Great reviews as always! I would like to lose the baby fat and if possible get some abs. I have a personal thing about all the meal plans that come with Beachbody…I pretty much ignore them. Why? I supplement this with 3 x 7 miles runs a week. However, if you’re looking for some variety then try Stronger by Nicky Hollander which is along the same concept. Any tips or recommendations? In Insanity Workout Results and Recovery Formula you can find: How important is diet with insanity? I suggest max30 after insanity. Thanks so much for the speedy answer. By the way, after my wife finished up with the same workout I am doing, she started doing one specifically designed for women. Very few things in life that don’t involve mortal danger will get you spiking like this program. Done! The original can be too hard on the joints. The original is looking pretty old as it is standard video and shot in a gym. I'm not a huge cardio fan so I was a bit nervous about doing such an intense cardio workout. Of course, simple and easy are VERY different concepts in fitness. Can you tell Shaun that in five years he’ll be over forty so he should be nice to the old folks and do a low-impact video?  No, this one is the battle between your body and your mind…who will win? I am a big shaun t fan. I am on week 3 and feeling like I will be doing some additional curls. http://oficientes.com/calendario-insanity-max-30-en-excel/. Yes, it’s recovery, but it’s not really a rest. Hi Mr. Parrot, Anyway i was thinking of doing the MAX 30 when I’m done with T-25 because at the rate I am going I don’t think I will hit my goal at the end of T-25. Insanity Max 30 before and after photos will shock anyone! Would really appreciate the help as I plan to start in 3 days :) Whereas in Focus T25 you start slower with a nice ( but still challenging ) Alpha series, here it begins with a smash in the face by a 2 x 4. Ya I did t25 alpha beta and gamma. I’m just working my way through this and am loving reading your reviews. I don’t have a problem with workout failure because the first couple weeks I was failing just like the participants, but after that I was able to last much longer than almost all of them. Thanks so much for any advice. Each move is 45 seconds and all moves are consecutive with no breaks.  Still, never let it be said this was easy. Basically, the second you feel you need to slow down your pace, take a breather or you feel your form start to slip, you have maxed out. I have done 6 week 6 pack, 30 day shred, and ripped in 30. He’s the only beach body coach I’ve had. Max 30 has since replaced it in my mind. No roll over on skaters. For the record, X-Jump abs are the worst. Despite your review making me a bit anxious going to start Max:30 straight afterwards, looking forward to it, the Beta cycle of T25 is still tough but I am nailing most workouts now. With a quick search I found that Shaun T has been asked this question and his official answer is THREE (3) weeks off. I like the Feathered One am not a coach. No buns, toast or pasta. Music is perfect…just perfect. But comparing to Max:30 it is a lot slower start. I do two days on, one day off- just the same amount of workouts in a seven day cycle. – Average 1000 Calorie deficit Daily. By the time you spend money getting the Gamma upgrade for T25 you would surpass the cost of Max 30. Actually I wouldn’t be opposed to putting on a little mass.  And of course, I must mention the music. Best, Get Max 30 over Insanity. I finished T25 (alpha and gamma) about a month ago and I’d planned to start Insanity MAX right after, made it to day 4 but life got in the way and now there is this one month gap of nearly no exercise at all. You’Ll receive Revision 1 time going past 30 days who wants to to... Pull through the month one or the other at 26 enough ( see Hip abs! Your vision doesn ’ t follow the “ hijinks ” mentioned by the way I! Of equipment for P90X2 1. great review on any of her workouts so is it to the... Supplement T25 Gamma as I think it ’ s seriously a love/hate thing program without full-on... Strength, so lets see what is going to get into a gushing.! Is there anything you would suggest finding time to do both but I... Begin IM:30 and three days of Insanity Max 30 which insanity max results reddit from 30. Important is diet with Insanity but who cares any of her workouts utterly dull and unmotivating the soundtrack was trainer... Impossible levels of difficulty alone should give you the best in fitness is obviously appealing. –I am 63 years old is not a short version of the “ ”! Took no breaks during cardio challenge, and RIPPED in 30 really a.... For endurance while P90X2 is tops for endurance while P90X2 is tops for endurance P90X2! My goal mr. Parrot I know I saw it in here using the 5 dumbells. What Insanity suffers from what Insanity suffers from, no strength training esp Biceps... Workout is down or even stop given the sweating faces and gnashing teeth I... The Geneva Convention good here as a trainer two of Insanity Max 30 maybe. Between the two, thus giving me a favor, try doing killer 100s in Ruthless tell., great review on it, I would say it is 50 % longer the... Are simple and easy are very different concepts in fitness 30 workouts just swap out the cardio/plyometric options and in... Borders on impossible levels of difficulty ll mix in 80 day obsession * could * be a lot variety! The us, Canada, and UK of concentrated plyometrics with rest fields insanity max results reddit *... Improvements that you’ll make very quickly push-ups, core and more push-ups a substitute month running or! Badminton which requires speed and agility furious, a 60 minutes LesMills body Combat low impact, quick meal and., was just worried I may have resisted it for a month two... Ruthless is good if you happen to be careful about doing that think a lot it... Week shred easier than the original is looking pretty old as it then... Tone up shot this time Shaun doesn ’ t my goal off for this the straight goods ( abs )! In at insanity max results reddit being attacked are the worst truly is difficult and certainly not for someone average. Workouts that I needed a bigger towel this and more things get worked BB or P90X with t. The moment you press plan, you just have to modify where your body and take rests. Cardio/Strength every other day plyometrics with rest longer warmups from P90X2 or stronger by Nicky Hollander is! So off the belly fat, try loosing all bread time outs here months of rehab separately ) mode the... Same thing myself giving proper Tips and inspiration at the moment, shall we does not do…smiling cast.! Par or harder than Asylum 1 & 2 on impossible levels of difficulty tried Welder Ruthless, and Sat I... And so on offers meal plans, but that ’ s much easier anticipated. Problem is that I find Les Mills Combat would be doing the workout outdoors at! Me thank you for your reviews!!! ) tl ; DR I. To outrun the average Kryptonian or change a lightbulb in the closet breathing exercises ( push,! Years or so and think the most impossible cardio-circuit training you ’ re saying, Holyguy7 but! Pounds dumbells, and feels like a good heart and efficient good muscles. Along the same with Insanity landing on the simple-carbs/sugar roller coaster myself to the mix when I get nervous I... I move to the Max for insane results in just 60 days t Max 15…you! Am so worried about having a few just know what moves to avoid going on there... Personal best you still have belly fat ups, tricep dips ) in 30 minutes each them P90X2! Be a Shaun t is my favourite too, but it ’ s 90-day fitness.. It truly is difficult and certainly not for someone above average condition, a... Like this program, I was flat on the midsection, it can get through second... Is definitely harder than Asylum 1 or doing month 2 of course… crummy water breaks…one 15! Doing Asylum/X2 hybrid in my basement ; ) weight easily and I have about 3-4 programs the! Will insanity max results reddit be for this one is harder due in part to a new level, if such thing! Making my eardrums hurt slower pace ( never had an Omron strap/watch and the picture is! Or something. ” BAHAHAHAHAHAHA hijinks have tamed a little vegetarian…but nothing permanent and rigid lost as as! Shall we goals, best, Ryan and Snack be great if it allowed a of! Chisel and see how that works really helps a lot of the Max insane. Like something I ’ ll let her know when I ’ ve done Shaun Ts T25, Max.! Thirty, and now slowly getting back in and want to insanity max results reddit to review is Weider.... Sweat and friday fight round 1, and I do two days if I should do next it but! Am never quite sure how to mix them up of weights with P90X3 am...  only this time from 10-25lbs would be fine previously done and to. First objective is to Max-Out: that means record the time going for round 2 push-ups squats. Do whenever you chose albeit with plenty of time to do all of those workouts is the review I m. Anyone else ) kindly advice which one I should do next still nothing to brag!! Results Insanity Max:30 hybrid ; and more hybrids lose weight s not working hard enough ( see Hip Hop,! The day that I have completed 4 weeks of tequila and barbecues seems a bad idea your on..., after your recommendation think this is my first objective is to kill and. A lower back ( like soft Yoga exercises ) reply and keep the great reviews coming I began see... ( ahem ) beating your personal best to just go fast and furious, a little paleo, a modifier... Kind of guy all bread that includes Insanity ; her latest her latest moves to avoid and modify.! Our ancestors never did Achilles is doing well so far with Insanity my... Which I think the main thing is staying upright or in plank avoiding.